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As humans, we respond to storytelling.  Animation can help create stories through characters, text, and design elements. Whether you need a product demo, an explainer video, an advertisement, an event promo, or a Youtube ad, animation can help make your product or service stand out in the mind of a viewer. At Mighty Punch, we will create a style for your animated video that suits your brand and helps it reach a wider audience.


When we receive a script or a brief, we transcribe them into a series of drawn images known as a storyboard. This allows one to see the scenes in sequence and see how the story and visuals are flowing and make adjustments. We have made storyboards for animation but also for live-action commercials.


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Consent & Show

Instead of making people read a boring text about your company’s services or products, why now make an explainer video that is designed to showcase those features in an effective and even entertaining way.  It’s the perfect promotion for your company or organization.

character design

If you want characters designed, you have come to the right place. We have experience designing characters for various brands in the form of illustrations, animation, and comic books. A character has to fit the brand and we do a lot of conceptualization and research when we start creating them. Once we have made the character we breathe new life into them through our illustrations or animation. We create characters that people will easily fall in love with.


Our design work is usually illustration-based. We’ve worked on billboards, book covers and packaging for various brands and we’ve also done more customized illustrations for different clients.


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