Illustration and Design

Illustration and Design

Our design work is usually illustration-based. We’ve worked on billboards and packaging for various brands and we’ve also done illustrations for different clients.


These were for a series of micro-fiction pieces written by K Anis for The Bengal Lights anthology. In all cases, the words of the writer inspired the look and feel of these illustrations. Some of the artwork is influenced by The Sandman and Sin City.


 A series of billboards we designed based on our animated commercial for Aarong Dairy’s UHT Milk. 

Zak and Zara: The Monster Murder Mystery

Book cover and illustrations for a middle-school novel revolving around two kids and a haunted house.

Djinn City

The Bangladesh cover illustration for Saad Z Hossain’s dark comic fantasy novel set in Bangladesh.


We provided the concept, artwork, and graphic design for Jayson Foods product.

Bengal Glass

Design and print packaging for Bengal Glass’s box cartons. They wanted the box design for the new range of glasses – Poco – to have a festive flavour so we decided to show a traditional Bangladeshi fair.


“How can you help save freshwater Dolphins” was the topic for a series of illustrated panels we made for the Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project (BCDP) and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Bangladesh.