At Mighty Punch Studios, we know that, through art, entertainment, storytelling
and endearing characters, we can not only captivate audiences but can also
inspire them to bring about positive change in the world.


At Mighty Punch Studios, we have all sorts of animated projects under our belt. We have made TV commercials for products like ice-cream, potato chips, bubble gum, and even TV sets; Special event videos for comic conventions and other festivals; Explainer Videos for NGOs and renowned organizations; Edtech content tailored for both children and young adults.

Since 2013, we have collaborated with partners in Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, and Europe in building a better world. We have worked with Unicef, UNDP, BRAC, Teach for Bangladesh, Sajida Foundation, ICCO Cooperation, Center for Development Results, various NGOs, and many other organizations and companies.


One of our main goals has always been to create our own IPs based on our original characters. We set out to create both contents tailored for a Bangladeshi audience such as our Tepatuli series (animated Bangla nursery rhymes), as well as content with more universal appeal such as adaptations of our superhero comics for all ages and even a preschool show set in the Sundarbans. Please click the icon to see some of the original content we have in development.

Our COMIcs

We believe in entertaining audiences through the power of storytelling. Since 2013, we have been delighting children and adults alike with our line of all-age comic books that feature colorful characters such as Shabash, Ms. Shabash, Captain Kathal, Lathial, and Zooey and now we are developing animated pilots for some of those characters.


Our design work is usually illustration-based. We’ve worked on billboards, book covers and packaging for various brands and we’ve also done more customized illustrations for different clients.