Our Story 

Mighty Punch Studios is a production company in Bangladesh and the UK specializing in comic books and 2D animation. Since 2013, we have been delighting children and adults alike with our line of all-age comic books that feature original and colorful characters such as Shabash, Ms. Shabash, Captain Kathal, Lathial, and Zooey.

The comics have been so popular that we have started developing animated
content based on them. We released the first Captain Kathal animated short to
wide acclaim and are currently working on Ms. Shabash, Shabash, and Team Dalim shorts alongside other content, for younger age groups, such as Tepatuli and Sundarban Friends.  

At Mighty Punch Studios, we know that through art, entertainment, storytelling
and endearing characters, we can not only captivate audiences but can also
inspire them to bring about positive change in the world.

Team Punch: Work and Play